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joi, 25 iunie 2015

I have exams,sustain me friends, please:D

Hey my friends...i know you hate me cause' i'm not posting more infos, photos, videos but i need to learn...2014 and 2015 was 2 hard years for i have know gradual exams 12th class...on 29 1 and 3, then if everything it's alright i'll come back and mentain this blog with all news, just let me finish exams and the rest of my duty and i promis you'll not regret, so know i go to study and pelase sustain me to recieve good notes 8 or 9 and everything be good...i wish you a nice day, a nice week a nice mouth a nice year, be healthy, God bless you and we heard very soon guys:D

7 comentarii:

  1. Si-i cu panarama asta? =))

  2. aaa buna seara..sunt fanul buzduga ...cum s ai blog UAI? :))

  3. aaa tunechiiiiiiii,....:| ti-ai facut blog dupa ,aaa ,urechii.. :D (elena doamna profesoara)

    1. aa elena elena ,ci faci tu 3,14 blogalena? mnaa :-w

  4. deci programu pt saptamana viitoare :- mno...luni: bac la romana ,mnoo ...marti concurs de sah ausjaaa ..miercuri bac la matematica mdaa...joi finala concursului de sah mnoo :D vineri bac la biologie ausja

  5. aaa vartolomei...invata ca-ti pun3 :D

  6. ia si invata bei :D (teracota)